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    Stock Exchange Sunday 15 April 2012

    Stock Exchange Sunday 15 April 2012

    Stock Exchange Sunday 15 April 2012

    Stock Exchange Sunday 15 April 2012

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Hail to the King

Aside from the Oyster Mushroom, the grandest of the species is the King Oyster, a larger, tastier, more powerful type of mushroom. The King Oyster has been found growing alongside crops, and studies suggest it has the capability of destroying small organisms in the soil that could inhibit its growth. Perhaps an idea for increasing the harvest from an area of fertile soil would be to incorporate the King oyster with your potatoes and carrots?

So whats the catch? well, the King oyster is a bit of a slowcoach. The sample pictured below took around a month longer to produce from the same amount of coffee compared to the regular oyster, but its still a good show considering the density of coffee grounds the mycelium had to eat.

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  1. Did you have it with some scrambled eggs:)?

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