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    Stock Exchange Sunday 15 April 2012

    Stock Exchange Sunday 15 April 2012

    Stock Exchange Sunday 15 April 2012

    Stock Exchange Sunday 15 April 2012

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Milk Thistle

Whilst learning about wild mushrooms and potential poisoning from them, i stumbled across a very interesting plant, The Milk Thistle. Milk thistle has been used over the ages to treat mushroom poisoning, particulary from the Death Cap mushroom. It has compunds within it that regenerate and protect the liver from toxins, such as mushrooms and alcohol, to name but few.

Whilst mushroom poisoning is unlikely for most, there are a lot of toxins that are ingested during everyday life and can accumulate in the body, affecting health. Milk thistle appears to be a very effective and completely natural way to improve your health and protect yourself from hangovers:-) Here is some info on milk thistles health benefits. The actual compound that makes milk thistle so powerful is called Silymarin, and can even help prevent cancer.

Growing milk thistle is pretty easy, it requires little water and grows very quickly. After about two months, the seed heads are ready to be harvested. Once you have seeds, you could grind them into powder, or just eat it raw to obtain the benefits.

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  1. milk thistle is of course heaven sent for alcoholics with liver damage since it can help with the liver. `

    Our favorite blog site

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