Transition Drinks 25/05, last Thursday of every month, 19:00, Olde Trout Tavern

    SiT Community Allotment
    Taster Days usually 2nd Sat and 4th Sun of the month, between 10-14

    Sun 30/04 10-14
    Sun 14/05 10-14

    Southend Repair Cafe - 1s Sun of the month

    Radical Fair - 6/05 Sat 12-18 Railway Hotel

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    Stock Exchange Sunday 15 April 2012

    Stock Exchange Sunday 15 April 2012

    Stock Exchange Sunday 15 April 2012

    Stock Exchange Sunday 15 April 2012

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Cafe Oyster

After a small interruption to my Oyster mushroom scholarship (getting married etc), I am now bringing the oyster mushroom back, thanks to coffee grounds from my cafetière. Once the coffee is ground and pressed with hot water, it is perfect for a small oyster mushroom colony. I left this tub under the oven for a couple of months and I now have a decent starter culture. When coffee grounds are used for oyster mushroom growth, the grounds turn grey and smell strange, this is the oyster colonising it and converting the grains to mycelia. The next step is to place the starter culture into big bags of coffee grounds and hang them in the garage over summer, which should produce a healthy crop.



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  1. Thanks for the concise updates and congratulations on getting married:)

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