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    SiT Community Allotment
    Taster Days usually 2nd Sat and 4th Sun of the month, between 10-14

    Sun 28/05 10-14
    Sun 11/06 10-14

    Southend Repair Cafe - Sun 4/06 10-15

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    Stock Exchange Sunday 15 April 2012

    Stock Exchange Sunday 15 April 2012

    Stock Exchange Sunday 15 April 2012

    Stock Exchange Sunday 15 April 2012

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Two Tree island Clean up 2nd July

Southend BeachCare Group‘s event
Two Tree island Clean up
vTSJ6sPguSU.png 2 July at 10:30
JcidzHQwWUG.png Two Tree Island
Not Interested
Join us at Two Tree island to give the place a tidy up all equipment provided, children
28 others are also on the guest list.
18950962_10213551795699352_3424580471491986767_n.jpg?_nc_ad=z-m&oh=7d90ef6468f895ac9650eaed4ba3ac28&oe=59E97C82 12669602_10156578604240624_7069876193555031103_n.jpg?_nc_ad=z-m&oh=ad1a2a284b7f15a1ec81a988812ce614&oe=59CF92A2 1897903_10151998418133870_1337528179_n.jpg?_nc_ad=z-m&oh=84cd599128db4d0367c5ab43f4fac714&oe=59CB6902 13770452_10154324719449641_3901886021699224057_n.jpg?_nc_ad=z-m&oh=1fefcae47f168379457a829725cda244&oe=59D7A93A 18671330_1465816470141218_8581978732294017961_n.jpg?_nc_ad=z-m&oh=47500f7917ad4f0efcadc70ec1ccec1c&oe=59A14F3E



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